Inflatable airtight tents

Inflatable airtight tents

Inflatable airtight tents are an unique alternative for tents based on a metal frame or inflatable tents made of PVC. Their main advantage is the airtight construction that has no need of constant pumping.

Our inflatable airtight tents are offered in 5 basic dimensions: 3x3m/ 4x4m/ 5x5m/ 6x6m/ 7x7m.

All our inflatable airtight tents can be either in one of our standard colors or with sublimation printing.

Standard equipment: construction with 4 airtight legs, roof cover, pump, pins and transport bag.

Additional accessories: walls with zipper, penthouse, weights and lighting.


  • 100% airtight construction, can be pumped with manual or electric (230v or 12V) pump, no need of constant pumping,
  • light and fast to set up, only around 10 minutes needed
  • small sizes for transport,
  • easy to clean and keep clean,
  • modern design, innovative shape, professional appearance
  • possibility of printing on the whole surface
  • possibility to combine several tents to make bigger constructons.

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