Inflatable tent Iglo

Inflatable tent Iglo

Inflatable tent Iglo is a new type of tent with a special construction. What makes that tent an outstanding product is its special shape referring to an igloo, a large advertising surface and innovative construction. Inflatable tent Iglo has a unique structure of walls where space between external and internal layer is filled with air blown in by integrated ventilator. That air makes a perfect thermal isolation which is an advantage of that tent during winter. Inflatable tent Iglo is available with usable area of 20 – 145 m².


  • fast to set up
  • interesting and innovative design
  • double walls
  • large advertising surface, imprints on printing zones or full color printing on the whole surface
  • accessories included: carrying bag, pegs and ropes for fixing on the soft ground
  • inflatable tents Iglo are made of a very strong and durable PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • possibility to execute any solvent printing with option of printing lamination to protect the printing from abrasion
  • small tents can be made of a special polyester fabric with printing by sublimation
  • possibility to modify the shape according to an individual project

Additional accessories:

  • pendant internal lighting
  • internal LED lighting in walls
  • internal skylight of transparent PVC
  • internal ventilation system
  • floor
  • additional weights to fill with sand for the installation on the hard surfaces
  • possibility to make several entrances
Inflatable Tent IGLO
Size – external diameter Ø 6 m Ø 8 m Ø 10 m Ø 12 m Ø 14 m Ø 16 m
Thickness of wall 0,50 m 0,70 m 0,74 m 0,89 m 1,04 m 1,18 m
External height (approx.) 2,90 m 3,90 m 4,90 m o5,89 m 6,90 m 8,90 m
Internal height (approx.) 2,40 m 3,20 m 4,16 m 5,00 m 5,83 m 7,72 m
Surface inside (approx.) 20 m² 34 m² 57 m² 82 m² 113 m² 145 m²


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